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CNA classes in Michigan—for a long term healthcare career

  • On October 28, 2013

The CNA training institutes in Michigan
The CNA training programs in Michigan are offered to the individuals by the community colleges, technical institutions, and other training schools. In addition to all these training programs, the individuals can also receive CNA classes in Michigan by the facility based training classes and through online CNA training programs. The free online CNA training and classes are provided to facilitate the candidates who don’t get enough expenses to attend the regular classes. The online CNA programs offer a very convenient way for preparing CNA certification exam. This certification exam allows the candidates to work legally as certified nursing assistants.
Procedure for completing CNA training classes in Michigan
The procedure for completing the CNA classes in Michigan is that the candidates have to enroll themselves in the Michigan Department of Health (DOH) and also in the Federal OBRA -87 approved nurse aide training program of 75 hours. Completing this certification can provide the candidates with a status of certified nursing assistant.
Division of CNA training program in Michigan
The CNA training program for CNA is divided between two parts, i.e. the class room lecture from text books and the practical or lab training section. Both these parts are crucial and must be obtained in order to get certified in nursing assistant. The class room knowledge is first provided and then the practical application of the knowledge is provided. A 16 hours clinical experience is also required under the supervision of a certified clinic.
CNA status in Healthcare sector
The CNA classes in Michigan are developed according to meet the criteria set by state authorities. The CNA is considered as a very rewarding job role in Michigan as it is the 9th populous state of US. And the old age population in Michigan requires the services of CNA’s very much.