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British Columbia Schools, Degrees & Programs | March 23, 2019

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Occupational Therapy Schools in Dallas

Occupational therapists are employed in diverse environments like schools, rehabilitation centers, medical offices, hospitals, and even private homes. Their goal as a healthcare provider is to help patients become independent in performing the activities of daily living. Since they work for patients with mental, emotional, physical and developmental issues, occupational therapy remains to be a challenging and fulfilling career. They cater patients at different age groups; from toddlers to elderly with special needs. Most importantly, they maintain copious records as well as assessment of the patient’s progress in order to provide the right treatment or care as possible.

The demand for occupational therapists continues to rise as the ageing population increases. The Bureau of Labor Statistics ( projects a 33.5% growth in employment of occupational therapist in year 2010 to 2020. This means that 36,400 professionals will be added in the 108,800 existing occupational therapists. If you wished to have a stable job, becoming an occupational therapist is very well recommended. Salary may vary per institution but the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( estimated a median wage of occupational therapist to $72,320 annually.

Education Requirements For Occupational Therapists in Dallas

For healthcare professionals who want to become an occupational therapist, the minimum education requirement is a master’s degree. Students should complete the degree program of schools accredited by the ACOTE or Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (‎). Typically, schools for occupational therapy require a bachelor’s degree of biology, physiology or any health/natural sciences course. However, there are some institutions that offer a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program. Students can have an option to take the course full time or part-time, depending on the available offer but it is important to complete 24 weeks of supervised field work in order to take the certification exam given by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (‎). Passing the certification exam allows the occupational therapist to get a license and work in any healthcare institutions.

Schools in Dallas offering Occupational Therapy Degree Programs

  • Texas Woman’s University ( – A master’s degree program is being offered by the university for students who wished to become an occupational therapist. This is a 28-month full time degree program so students are required to attend the daily classes to be qualified for the certification exam. There will also be a two supervised field work to complete which will take six months all in all.
  • University of Texas ( – The master’s degree program for occupational therapy is a two-year program having 82 credit hours. This does not include the 60-hour fieldwork 1 and 2 that students need to complete prior to the certification exam. The curriculum of the university is designed to develop occupational therapists who serve as educators, community leaders, and community practitioners. Over the years, the University of Texas is committed in providing quality education to aspiring occupational therapists thus; they are renowned number one in the top 20 schools for occupational therapy, according to US News and World Report (‎).
  • Texas Tech University ( – Master’s of Occupational Therapy in Texas Tech University starts at late May. The entire program is 2 and a half years and right after completing the academic courses, students are required to take 24 weeks of fieldwork. The program is covers lectures, concept mapping, case studies, laboratory experiences as well as clinical reasoning. Class sizes are small because the university wants to ensure optimal student and instructor ratios. This will also encourage more learning on the part of the students.