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British Columbia Schools, Degrees & Programs | March 23, 2019

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Occupational Therapy Schools In New York

New York City offers several opportunities for occupational therapists. As one of the relevant field in the healthcare industry, occupational therapists help people attain their goal through therapeutic use of daily living activities. They help and assist children and adults having disabilities to participate in different social situations, allowing them to recover from injury and regain their cognitive and physical function. Aside from that, they make intervention plans to each client in order to ensure they achieve their goals.

The role of an occupational therapist is unique. Since every individual has different needs, they ensure to make holistic and special care plan. Occupational therapy services usually include an individualized evaluation, a customized intervention and outcome evaluation. All these services may either be done in a client’s home or other environments such as hospitals, long term care facilities and even school.

Salary of Occupational Therapists in New York City

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ( the salary of an occupational therapist depends on a person’s experience and the place where he/she is employed. In New York, the mean hourly wage is $36.73 and the mean annual wage is $76,400. This kind of job is one of the fastest growing professions in United States, with an expected increase of salary to 33% in the year 2020.

Educational Requirements

Before an aspiring occupational therapist is accepted in a master’s program, he/she should hold a degree on liberal arts, sociology, biology or psychology. Aside from this, he/she should volunteer in an occupational therapy setting prior to admission. Pursuing a doctoral degree can be a lot of help in order to broaden career opportunities however; a master’s degree is enough to be qualified for the state board exam of occupational therapists. The master’s degree program should be done in a school registered by the New York State or AOTA (Accredited Occupational Therapist Program). Part of the occupational therapists education requirement is a supervised fieldwork which usually takes around 24 weeks. Occupational therapists who did not complete the 24-week internship on their educational program can have their full time experience with the supervision of a licensed occupational therapist. Part time experience is accepted as long as it follows a minimum of 15 duty hours weekly with 2 full days per week within a continuous period of 2 months for a total of 6 months. After meeting these requirements, a National Board Certification in Occupational Therapy ( will follow. License requirements are posted in the Office of the Professions ( site. Occupational therapists who passed the certification exam will be allowed to practice in the state of New York.

Schools offering Occupational Therapy Education in New York

  • New York Institute of Technology ( The occupational therapy education offered by this school gives every student an opportunity to earn a master’s degree. Students who are interested but cannot meet the admission requirement for the master’s program can take the combined Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree. This program can be taken in the New York Institute of Technology Long Island campus.
  • Mercy College ( – This school offer 60 credits of occupational therapy program for two years with classes held every other week. The program is a combination of lecture, hands on experience and problem based learning, to give every student a well rounded and in depth instruction.
  • York College ( – The occupational therapy program in York College starts at fall. They offer three years of full time day classes with one semester dedicated for full time clinical rotations. They also have a dual BS and MS degree program which is fully accredited by ACOTE or Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education ( of American Occupational Therapy Association ( (AOTA).
  • Columbia University ( – As one of the oldest school for occupational therapy program, Columbia University prepares students to be competent in this kind of profession. They have faculty mentors that are nationally distinguished and they consistently ranked in the US News and World Report (‎).
  • Ithaca College ( – They offer an entry level master’s program for occupational therapy and a combined BS and MS program. Students have the opportunity to learn from classroom discussions and apply it in the clinical setting. Ithaca College has advanced and modern laboratory as well as research facilities.