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Occupational Therapy Schools In San Francisco | British Columbia Schools, Degrees & Programs
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British Columbia Schools, Degrees & Programs | February 16, 2019

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Occupational Therapy Schools In San Francisco

Despite the economic recession, several healthcare jobs are available at any state in America. This is due to the increasing ageing population that demands the services of nurses, physicians and even occupational therapists. Working in the healthcare field provides a stable career. However, one has to study and finish a degree program in order to be employed in hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities. Occupational therapy is among the in-demand jobs in San Francisco. U.S. News & World Report () named occupational therapy as one of the best jobs in 2012. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (http://www.bls.gov/ooh/healthcare/occupational-therapists.htm) estimated OT’s job outlook of 33 %, a rate greater than the average. This will continue to rise as more elderly and children with disabilities need the services of occupational therapists.

Work Environment and Salary

Occupational therapists handle patients at different age groups. They provide treatment goals to children and elderly having disabilities and injuries. Before starting the treatment plan, occupational therapists assess the patients based on their medical history. They also aim to promote independence and enhance the ability of the patient in performing activities of daily living. This can be a very challenging job because each patient has different needs but it can be fulfilling because OT’s are directly involved in the healing progress of the patient.

Occupational therapists are employed in rehabilitation centers, hospitals, nursing homes and individual/family services. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (http://www.bls.gov/ooh/healthcare/occupational-therapists.htm), most of the occupational therapist work full time and they receive a median annual salary of $72,320. This will vary on the state and experience of an occupational therapist.

Schools in San Francisco offering Occupational Therapy

A master’s degree program should be obtained in order to sit for the national certification exam and become a licensed occupational therapist in San Francisco. The degree program involves classroom learning experience and supervised fieldwork. This often takes two and a half years to complete but it varies on the school offering it. In San Francisco, the master’s of occupational therapy can be taken in the following schools;

  • Samuel Merritt University (http://www.samuelmerritt.edu/occupational_therapy) – The master’s degree program for occupational therapy prepares students in the diverse clinical setting. They have a faculty-student ratio of 1:9, which allows a more intensive learning experience. Majority of their faculty are continuously practicing in the field and they are competent in helping the students pass their certification exam. Students who wished to enroll should complete the requirements set by the university.
  • Dominican University of California (http://www.dominican.edu/admissions/graduate/programs/msot) – The master’s degree program in Dominican University of California is consist of 80 units and can be completed in three years. Students are required to attend the weekday classes all year round and they should also complete 1,000 hours of fieldwork experience supervised by a licensed occupational therapist. The degree program is student-centered and financial aids are also available for qualified students.
  • San Jose State University (http://www.sjsu.edu/occupationaltherapy/Programs/) – Accredited by ACOTE or Accreditation Center for Occupational Therapy Education (www.acoteonline.org/‎), San Jose State University offers undergraduate pre-OT, an entry level master’s degree program and an online post-professional master’s degree program. After each program, the university has degree requirements, admission policies as well as learning outcomes. Meanwhile, the fieldwork experience is held at two clinic sites and students are required to finish the 6-month experience.