Get a Career in Healthcare – Earn an Online Degree

Introduction to Health Careers prepares students for the medical career by teaching them about health care careers, training and development, and managing job duties. Careers in health care include clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacy technicians, physical therapists, physicians, nurses, and social workers.

Students will learn how to research diseases, learn about effective management of diseases, basic and advanced patient care, administration of medications, use of medical equipment, managing health data, financial aspects of health care, ethics of health care, and hospital administration. Prerequisites for entering a particular health care career program are a high school diploma, fluency in at least one language other than English, good grades, and completion of a short application. Some schools may require an essay on a particular topic, letters of recommendation, proof of enrollment, and application form completion.

Introduction to Health Careers prepares students for the administrative aspect of medical care careers: registered nurse, medical assistant, pharmacy technician, and physician assistant. The curriculum consists of learning about basic sciences, medical terminology, physiology, developing a professional image, developing trust and professionalism with patients, and managing administrative responsibilities.

The program dress code requires that students wear a specific uniform (scrubs) on assigned days to cover their clothing. Some schools require that students have worked under a licensed practitioner for two years and have a BSN (Bachelor of Science in health sciences). Students who complete the program will be prepared to enter into a career as an adult within an HMO or PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) health care setting.

To earn a salary in healthcare careers, you must be ready to work long hours, after hours, and weekends. You must also possess strong leadership skills to manage people and teams. If you have these skills and desire a rewarding career, a degree program in healthcare is the best route for you. You can earn your Bachelor’s degree in less than three years and earn a high salary in the healthcare field. To find out more about how to pursue a career in healthcare, contact your high school counselor, or visit Career School Consultants’ websites. If you are interested in learning more, then click here.